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The Goodland Outlook is an online only email edition to alert people as issues, development and proposals arise that affect Goleta.
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The Goodland Outlook #22 — 6.18.2015

The Goodland Outlook, Edition 22
June 18, 2015

This Goodland Outlook edition is to let you know about:

  • A recap of oil safety successes last week
  • A major Goleta residential project to be presented to Goleta’s Design Review Board June 23
  • Invitation to a Town Hall Meeting about the water supply in the Goleta Valley
  • Oil: An invitation to Refugio Oil Spill Hearing in Santa Barbara
  • Oil: A link to an excellent column about oil issues facing our South Coast

OIL SAFETY RECAP: It was a good week for people who made the effort to keep Goleta safe from the impacts of the recent oil spill and the potential threat of trains transporting highly volatile petroleum through Goleta.

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T.G.O. #21—6.5.2015

The Goodland Outlook,
Edition 21, June 5, 2015

Goleta’s City Council’s June 9, 6 p.m. meeting will include an item that could prevent disastrous impacts on the health, safety and economy of Goleta. Below are details as well as how you can make a difference:


We’ve recently witnessed the Refugio Oil Spill that has despoiled our beautiful coast and beaches and destroyed marine wildlife and habitat.  As tragic as this incident has been, a far worse fate awaits us if we don’t get the Goleta City Council to take action on Tuesday evening at their June 9, 2015 6PM meeting.

Phillips 66 has proposed a project in San Luis Obispo County that would allow five oil trains per week, each one mile long, using the Union Pacific Railroad tracks running right through Goleta’s main residential, business and transportation corridors.

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T.G.O. #20—4.21.2015

The Goodland Outlook
Edition 20—April 21, 2015

This edition is to notify you about a Goleta Water District Meeting this Thursday to review proposed changes in water rates. The public is invited to attend and comment.

Also, this edition is to provide updates on some major Goleta developments in West Goleta, some approved and some about to be proposed.

It’s not too late to provide your input on some projects – the City needs to hear from us. See contact information at the bottom.

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T.G.O. #19—9.12.2014

The Goodland Outlook Edition 19,
September 12, 2014

This edition provides updates on three major Goleta developments in West Goleta currently seeking approval. They include a new Marriott hotel on Hollister, a proposal for 60 new houses just north of Cathedral Oaks on land currently zoned for agriculture, and a Taco Bell Drive Thru just west of the Camino Real Marketplace (Costco.)

It’s not too late to provide your input on these projects – the City needs to hear from us. See contact information below.

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T.G.O. #18—7.14.14

The Goodland Outlook
Edition 18—July 14, 2014

It’s summer in Goleta and this edition of the Goleta Outlook is a little different. This time we include links to articles describing recent happenings in Goleta:

  • the appointment of a new Goleta Council member to replace Ed Easton and
  • the Planning Commission approval of Villages at Los Carneros.

We are also including a link to a major article on Goleta growth and its impacts. We are happy to provide a link to a little-known column dedicated to Goleta happenings and opinions. The Santa Barbara Independent regularly features “The Goleta Grapevine,” but it’s published only in the Indy’s online edition. For Goleta news and commentary: Goleta Grapevine . Click on the link to view past and current columns.

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T.G.O. #17—5.6.2014

Edition 17  May 6, 2014

This email sent to subscribers (see below for how to subscribe) contains information about several important items related to Goleta development.

  • Villages At Los Carneros: The Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for 465 residential units on 43 acres at Los Carneros and Highway 101
  • Shelby Development: The EIR for 60 residential units on 14.4 acres on Cathedral Oaks, west of Storke. This property is currently zoned for agriculture
  • The ongoing process to create a new Goleta Zoning Ordinance
  • Good news on Goleta Oil development – Venoco processing in Ellwood

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T.G.O. #’s12-16, 2.10.14—4.22.14

Edition 16 — April 22, 2014

Santa Barbara County elections will take place June 3, 2014. Mail-in voting will begin as early as May 5.

The final public forum for this election will take place this Wednesday, April 23 at the Goleta Valley Community Center – 5679 Hollister Avenue. This is a great opportunity to hear directly from the candidates where they stand on the issues. Admission is free.
Forum Schedule:

6 – 7:30 PM: 2nd District Supervisor candidates Janet Wolf and Roger Aceves

7:30 – 9 PM: Santa Barbara County Sheriff Candidates Bill Brown and Sandra Brown.

The forum is co-sponsored by The League of Women Voters of Santa Barbara County, Families Act and The Goodland Coalition. Candidates will be asked questions posed by the moderator who will also ask questions gathered from the audience.

Edition 15 — April 4, 2014

As you may have heard, the City of Goleta has started a process to create a new Zoning Code. Is it important?
YOU BET!!!!! Just look at what the Goleta says this new code will do:

“The new Zoning Ordinance will include regulations and development standards for each parcel of land in the City…and define allowable land uses for each zone.” (Excerpted from the Supplemental EIR for the New Zoning Ordinance.)

Yes, this affects everyone in Goleta because the new zoning code will define what can be done on each piece of land in Goleta. It will affect:

  • Not just what development will be allowed but also redevelopment;
  • Not just public property but also commercial and residential property;
  • Not just what you can do on your land or to your house, but also what your neighbors can do – from putting up signs, building an addition, putting commercial activities next to residential and vice versa;
  • Mountain views, coastal access, shoreline access and visitor using services;
  • Location of public services such as hospitals and those serving airport facilities.

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