TGO #45 — Important Goleta News

— The Goodland Outlook, April 15, 2019 —

Friends, There is SO much happening in Goleta that we think you want to know about. Ergo, this latest Goodland Outlook #45. Please share with your friends.

1. The Public is Invited to the CliffsNotes Version of Goleta’s Zoning Ordinance Revision (with Q & A and Refreshments)

2. Highlights of Goleta’s April 2019 State of the City

3. Save the Date –  GOLETA RALLY for PEDESTRIAN SAFETY at the FAIRVIEW SHOPPING CENTER, Friday, May 10, 2019, at 3PM

4. Santa Barbara Shores Tree Pruning and One Tree Removal at Santa Barbara Shores

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All the DETAILS:

1. The Public is Invited to the CliffsNotes Version of Goleta’s Zoning Ordinance Revision (with Q & A and Refreshments)   

Goleta’s Zoning Revision will affect every development and property where you live and work and all aroundThe Goodland Coalition, is hosting a briefing for the public at the Goleta Library at 6:30 PM on Thursday, April 25.

Take this quiz to decide if knowing about Goleta’s future zoning is of interest to you:

– Do you care if your next door neighbor in your residential neighborhood applies to re-zone his property to open a drive-thru hamburger stand? 

– Do you care if your ability to park your boat or RV near your house is reduced? 

– Do you care if the business next to yours installs a large, glaring movable sign that flashes night and day? 

– Do you care if development occurs within a few feet of a creek or environmentally sensitive area? 

– Do you care if someone builds a shopping center or a hotel before you have a chance to comment on much traffic it is likely to generate, or how it blocks mountain views, or what the building will look like? 

– Do you care if the buyer of the house next door tears it down and builds a replacement three-story house within 3 feet of your house? 

If you answer YES to at least 2 of the 6 questions above, you probably want to learn more about Goleta’s proposed zoning code changes. There is still time for your voice to be heard before the new code is approved by City Council. Here’s how:

Come to the Community meeting specifically on Goleta’s New Zoning Ordinance at 6:30PM, Thursday, April 25, 2019 at the Goleta Library. “Superstars” from the City of Goleta will be there to provide the “CliffsNotes” version and answer your questions.

After a brief presentation, this will be YOUR chance to give input on how things should work in Goleta pertaining to current and future land use and development, and to ask questions. 

If you want to learn more on your own about the zoning ordinance revision process, click here:

You can also contact: Anne Wells, Advance Planning Manager ( or 805-961-7500.)

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2. Video of Goleta’s April 2019 State of the City

Goleta’s Third Annual State of the City on April 4 took place at the Goleta Valley Community Center auditorium. You can see it by just clicking here If the video is not yet on the site, please check back in a few days. And you can see the Noozhawk coverage here Paula Perotte and City Manager Michelle Greene talked about…well…the state of Goleta and then they and staff answered audience questions.

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3. Save the Date – GOLETA RALLY for PEDESTRIAN SAFETY at the FAIRVIEW SHOPPING CENTER Friday, May 10, 2019 at 3PM

School kids, seniors, disabled, and all pedestrians deserve a SAFE way to navigate the Fairview Shopping Center without competing in the road with the multitude of vehicles rolling through the south end of the mall.   

After years of unanswered requests by the Fairview Center’s management, it’s time for their customers – that’s US – to step up, through impactful community action!

Please join The New Town Safety Goleta resident group rally to create ONE unified voice of reason and responsibility. Let’s get this sidewalk in place before a tragedy occurs, as even more traffic is brought into the Fairview Center with the reported arrival of two new large chain stores!

Meet at 3pm on the public sidewalk across Calle Real from the Cajun Kitchen. Rally materials will be provided. See you there! For questions contact New Town Safety

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4. Santa Barbara Shores Tree Pruning and One Tree Removal at Santa Barbara Shores

The City of Goleta just issued this important notice for Santa Barbara Shores residents.The City will be working to prune nine trees and remove one tree in the Santa Barbara Shores neighborhood on the following streets: Newport Drive, Sea Gull Drive and Santa Barbara Shores Drive. Work is anticipated to take place April 22 – 26, 2019, weather permitting. For safety purposes, residents will not be allowed near the work area.A pre-work survey will be conducted by Storrer Environmental on April 19 to ensure the work will not disturb various types of environmental resources.For questions, please contact:

  • Lacy Wynant, Public Works Administrative Assistant, 805-968-6843
  • Paul Medel, Public Works Manager, 805-968-6769

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