TGO #31 — Goleta’s Direction

— The Goodland Outlook, Edition 31 — September 7, 2016


Today’s Outlook is one of the most important we have sent in a long time because it affects not just a single project or development. The fall Goleta election will determine Goleta’s direction for a long time to come. This Outlook contains our endorsements for the two city council seats and a measure, C2016, to change the way we pick our Mayor that will be part of your ballot.

Please take a moment to review. Note that to avoid cluttering your mailbox, we try to send issues of the Goodland Outlook only when something important is coming up. The summer was slow and many items were postponed, so that’s why you haven’t heard from us in a while. More of The Goodland Coalition’s endorsements will appear in our next Goodland Outlook coming soon.


The Goodland Coalition is announcing our endorsements for the Goleta City Council Election taking place this fall when 2 seats are up for election.

We are proud to announce our endorsements of Stuart Kasdin and Kyle Richards. Both are Goleta residents who have not run for public office before.

We are confident that when elected, these bright, energetic candidates will offer an alternative to the fast growth that Goleta has been experiencing.

Both Stuart and Kyle have expressed their commitment to a more measured approach to Goleta’s growth, to bring Goleta’s growth in better line with its resources, not just water, but also road capacity, playgrounds, libraries and public safety.

Please take a moment to go to their websites where you can learn more about their qualifications and issues.

Stuart Kasdin:

Kyle Richards:

If you like what you see, and if you want Goleta to change its fast growth direction, consider offering them your support. Also, consider forwarding this message to your email friends and family.


This fall Goleta voters will decide whether to change to a mayor directly elected by the voters for a two- or four-year term.

The Goodland Coalition believes that there is no need to change the current system that has worked so well since incorporation. Here are some of the reasons:

  • The proposed change would consolidate more mayoral power by letting the mayor appoint all the members of important committees, such as the Goleta Planning Commission. Under the current system, each councilmember, including the mayor, appoints just one planning commissioner, making the commission more representative of the views on the council. And members of other advisory groups are selected by the entire city council.
  • The proposed change would be a waste of taxpayer money, not only increasing election costs but also because under state law, the council would have a blank check to increase the mayor’s compensation.

You can learn more by clicking here to read the Impartial Analysis by the Goleta City Attorney:

Again, The Goodland Coalition recommendation is rooted in the important maxim: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

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