TGO #27 — 2 important items

This Edition is to inform Goletans about 2 important items:

– THINKING OF RUNNING FOR GOLETA CITY COUNCIL? The Goodland Coalition is hosting a free presentation for people interested in running for Goleta City Council in November 2016 when there will be two seats up for election.

– GOLETA’S PROPOSED NEW ZONING CODE. There are 3 important opportunities in January 2016 to learn and comment about Goleta’s proposed, new zoning code, especially relating to the new sign ordinance and on residential zoning. See especially the upcoming Monday, January 11, Goleta Planning Committee meeting.



The Goodland Coalition is responding to community interest in the duties and responsibilities of serving on Goleta’s City Council and what it takes to run for this office. We will be hosting a free, non-partisan public meeting:

WHEN: Thursday, February 4, 6:45 PM

WHERE: at the Goleta Public Library Meeting Room.


Margaret Connell, Goleta’s first Mayor and twice elected to the City Council, will speak about the duties, rewards, and time commitment for serving on the Council including attending council meetings, committees, and community functions, remuneration, and other considerations.

James Kyriaco, former campaign manager for several local elections, will speak about running for office, mechanics of filing, deadlines, public speaking, and “electioneering” including campaign costs and fundraising.

Audience question and answer period: The attendees will have the opportunity to ask Margaret and James questions. Attendees can also comment on what they are looking for in a city council candidate.

DATE & TIME: Thursday, February 4, 2016 6:45 PM – 8:30 PM

LOCATION: Goleta Public Library, 500 N. Fairview Ave, Goleta



* * *



As you may know, Goleta is entering the final stages of reviewing and approving its new Zoning Code.  The new code will define what can be done on each piece of land in Goleta, as well as the process for review and approval of applications for development, signage, etc.

People interested in the proposed changes need to get involved now. So we’re writing to alert residents to several opportunities coming up soon to learn about the proposed new code and to participate in or watch the hearings.

1. The first opportunity is on Monday, January 11, 6 PM at the Goleta Planning Commission meeting at Goleta City Hall, 130 Cremona Drive, Goleta.  (Directions) Staff will give a review of the draft zoning ordinance Part I, General Provisions.   Below is a brief synopsis of what is included in the General Provisions.

Chapter 17.01 Introductory Provisions

Chapter 17.02 Rules for Construction of Language

Chapter 17.03 Rules of Measurement

Should you wish to get into the details of what is included in each chapter, go to

and then click on the Public Review Draft Zoning Ordinance link.

2. A second opportunity is the Goleta Planning Commission meeting of January 25 where staff will present a summary of the draft zoning ordinance Part II Base Zoning Districts. The first chapter, 17.07, pertains to Residential Zoning.  This section is of particular importance to people concerned about what areas are designated for residential use and the characteristics allowed for those residences.

Should you wish to get into the details, go to

And click on the Public Review Draft Zoning Ordinance link.

3. At 3 PM on January 26 at the Goleta Design Review Board meeting, members will consider the draft sign ordinance. This is a document of particular importance because the standards in it very much affect the visual aesthetic of the city. Since the city’s incorporation, the city has not enforced its sign ordinance, leaving some areas of the city with many illegal and unpermitted signs.

The public is invited to attend meetings on zoning. In addition, agendas, staff reports and links to view the meetings via live streaming can be accessed at the website below.

People and organizations interested in the new zoning code need to begin now to become informed and weigh in on the proposed changes. 

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