#50 The Goodland Outlook

Dear Goleta Neighbors and Friends of The Goodland Coalition,

It’s been a while since we published Goodland Outlook 49. Despite the challenges associated with the pandemic, we have been BUSY, continuing to fulfill our mission of

  • • Advocating policies that protect, preserve, and improve Goleta’s unique character;
  • • Encouraging and facilitating participation of Goleta residents in community planning and decision-making.

Right now there are a number of big and complex projects coming to Goleta that will affect us all and future generations. Please review the “short take” below and then scroll down for details on what interests you most.

Also, here’s our shout out to healthcare workers and first responders.  Please note the latest vaccination update just in: The County Public Health Department COVID-19 mobile vaccination clinics are broadly available throughout the county and now accepting walk-ins without an appointment. 

Minors are only eligible for the Pfizer vaccine and must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Click here for details https://publichealthsbc.org/vaccine/.

Now on with the latest news.

1. The June 1 Deadline to Save San Marcos Foothills Approaches There is still time to help

2. City of Goleta LED Street Light Project Cometh

This is a major project to light our city with more effective and efficient lighting while reducing “light pollution.”

3. The Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the Proposed 332 Unit Rental Project off Los Carneros Road is Available – Comments are due no later than June 14, 2021

4. Goleta Train Depot Design Is Moving Right Along

There is still time for the public to weigh in on the designof Goleta’s own working train depot

5. Goleta Water Update – Work is ongoing to assure the continued safe, dependable and affordable supply of water vital to families, agriculture and businesses. 

# # #

1. The June 1, Deadline to Save San Marcos Foothills Approaches

Along with many other organizations and individuals, The Goodland Coalition has endorsed the Foothills Forever campaign to preserve this large parcel’s views and habitat for the public. However $10.8 million must be raised by the June 1 deadline. For more information or to lend your support, see https://www.foothillsforever.org/

2. City of Goleta LED Street Light Project Cometh

At its June 15th Council meeting, the City will be approving its street light project to convert lighting on over 1300 city-owned street lights from the old High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights to LED lights.  This is a once-in-a-generation project that will change the night-time ambience of our neighborhood streets. 

The Goodland Coalition supports the City’s efforts to conserve energy and improve the quality of street lights in neighborhoods. Our goals, which we believe are shared with the City, are to: 

  • • ensure that the illumination levels proposed are as close as possible to the minimum values needed
  • • eliminate light pollution (light trespass, glare, “sky-glow” and over-lighting) to restore darkness to areas not needing to be lighted. 

What is important to know about this project? More than 60% of the city’s street lights use the HPS lights which are over 50 years old and will soon be replaced by LED lights. The new lights will be more cost- effective and efficient, saving energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and also saving on annual maintenance costs. 

The LED street lights will be Dark Sky friendly, fully shielded with no upward light emissions, resulting in a more focused light projected onto the streets and thus eliminating the orange glow coming from the current omni-directional unshielded HPS lights that have contributed to “sky glow.” The LED lights’ high color rendering index will help people see objects and their color at night better than under the current HPS lights.

Importantly, staff is recommending that 2700Kelvin LED lights be used for the city’s street lights (the LED lights in the City’s pilot project were 3000Kelvin). The 2700Kelvin lights are recommended by the American Medical Association for their lower emissions. (Read more about the topic here: AMA adopts guidance to reduce harm from high intensity street lights | American Medical Association (ama-assn.org)

Only the City-owned lights that are on concrete-like poles will be converted. Excepted will be 66 that have already been converted to 3000K LEDs during maintenance periods and those owned by Southern California Edison which are on wood, third party distribution poles. 

Where do I find out about the street lights to be converted in my neighborhood? See info and maps here: 637553706685041839 (cityofgoleta.org).  The Design Overview Report provides information about where and why various light wattages (which measures energy use) are proposed and also the lumens (light output) produced. Note that this report also describes several situations where street lights, because of their location, will have back-side shielding to prevent light trespass into backyards.  

The Design Map shows where street lights to be converted are located. Find the numbered map section where you live to see the street lights being converted in your neighborhood and the information in the legend regarding the proposed LED streetlight.  Note that lights marked with a gray dot are “out of scope” and not being converted. 

There may be some lights on this map which were over looked for back-side shielding or a situation where shielding is otherwise warranted. To remedy this oversight, you will need to make a request for the shielding to be added. Also, you may request that the 3000Kelvin LED lights previously installed during maintenance periods be replaced with the 2700 Kelvin lights to provide uniformity of street lighting.  However, as yet no funding has been identified to accomplish this. Please send your request with the light number for shielding or 3000 Kelvin light replacement to the City’s street light project manager, contact information below. 

The City’s Street Light Project has a lot of information beyond what is reported here, with periodic updates as to when events will occur. See link here LED Street Lighting Project | Goleta, CA (cityofgoleta.org). The City will be hosting a virtual town hall meeting with staff and the consultant to answer your questions about the project on May 17, so check the above link for time and access information. 

The Goodland Coalition believes that public input is very important for this transformational city-wide project:  If you have concerns about the City’s street light project and wish to let the Council know, you can do that by contacting the City’s project manager, Michael Winterizes, Assistant Engineer at 805-690-5120 or mwinnewisser@cityofgoleta.org and/or by sending an email to the City Council via the City Clerk cityclerkgroup@cityofgoleta.org before their June 15th meeting, or by commenting at that meeting, see agenda closer to the date: http://cityofgoleta.org/goletameetings.

3. The Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the Proposed 332 Unit Rental Project off Los Carneros Road is Available 

The Heritage Ridge Residential Project is a proposed 332 unit apartment complex. It will include 228 market rate rental units and 104 affordable rental units for very low and low income seniors and families. Also proposed to be included in this project is a two-acre neighborhood public park in the center of the site. The project site is 17.36 acres located east of Los Carneros Road/Overpass, south of highway 101 and the Union Pacific Railroad tracks, and north of Camino Vista Road and Willow Springs apartments.  Water for this project had already been dedicated long ago.

The Draft Environmental Impact Report (Draft EIR) for this project is available for review here Heritage Ridge Residential Project | Goleta, CA (cityofgoleta.org). The City invites and is accepting written comments on the adequacy and completeness of the environmental analysis and mitigation measures described in the Draft EIR until June 14, 2021. Question regarding the project and/or the review process can be directed to Mary Chang, Supervising Senior Planner, mchang@cityofgoleta.org or Stephanie Diaz, Contract Planner, sdiaz@cityofgoleta.org.  Ms. Chang and Ms. Diaz can be reached at 805-961-7543. 

4. Goleta Train Depot Design Is Moving Right Along

The Goleta Train Depot project was presented to Goleta’s Design Review Board (DRB) for a second advisory courtesy review on April 27, 2021. The revised drawing plans are moving in the right direction toward a “traditional style” train depot, which 52 percent of Goleta residents chose in March 2020. In addition to the DRB, several architectural historians and members of The Goodland Coalition (TGC) have been engaged in advising the project team. The goal is to ensure that an authentic “traditional” design be achieved. 

In the revised drawing plans presented by the project team of Jaime Valdez, Dept. of Goleta Neighborhood Services and Public Safety, and the architectural firm of Anil-Verma, the building height has been reduced from 85 feet to 45 feet. The gateway tower has been moved away from the main building and reduced in height.

There are some remaining issues that are still under review. For example, the skylights and faux roof monitor are modern elements which need to be removed or redesigned in a more traditional way. The landscaping plan needs revision to better reflect Goleta’s agricultural history. A DRB member suggested adding walnuts, citrus, or avocado trees to the plant palette. And the interior design needs to be reviewed again.

The Goleta Train Depot project will return to the DRB once the design is further along. In the meantime, to learn more you can view the video of the April 27, 2021 Design Review Board discussion on the Train Depot by clicking here https://goleta.granicus.com/player/clip/1565view_id=2&redirect=true. And you can communicate with Jaime Valdez at jvaldez@cityofgoleta.org.

5. Goleta Water Update 

The Goleta Water District (GWD) is operating the state water portion of their water supplies under two new contract amendments approved by the Board of Supervisors as the holder of the state water contract. The 25-year contract extension and changes to interest calculations offer the District more financial flexibility. Other contract changes will allow the District to participate on an equal footing with other state water contractors.

Up next will be the renewal of the 25-year Lake Cachuma master contract with the Bureau of Reclamation.

As are many other local government agencies, the Goleta Water District will move from an at-large to a district-based election system beginning with the November 2022 election. District areas will be drawn using data from the 2020 census.  Community input in drawing district lines is an important part of the process and more information on how to participate is forthcoming.

As many already know, The Goleta Water District serves the Goleta Valley but is a separate entity independent of The City of Goleta. The best way to keep up with developments on our water supply is to go to GWD’s website http://www.goletawater.com/ and/or sign up for GWD’s “eNEWS”newsletter here http://www.goletawater.com/newsletters-and-press/newsletters/#enews.



To send an email to Mayor Perotte, city council members Aceves, Bennett, Kasdin, Kyriaco, and Richards and City Manager Greene, copy the following and past it into the TO: section of an email.

pperotte@cityofgoleta.org, raceves@cityofgoleta.org, jkyriaco@cityofgoleta.org, skasdin@cityofgoleta.org, krichards@cityofgoleta.org, mgreene@cityofgoleta.org