Lake Los Carneros


We are dedicated to defending the quality of life in Goleta by

  • Advocating policies that protect, preserve, and improve Goleta’s unique character;
  • Encouraging and facilitating participation of Goleta residents in community planning and decision-making.
We remember the words of Walker Tompkins of almost 50 years ago:

“The preservation of the Goleta Valley as a superior place to live now rests squarely in the hands of its young, latter-day inheritors. There is still time for them to hold the line against commercial exploitation of esthetic values, but that time is short…so terribly short. With united dedication to the common cause, the new dwellers of the Good Land can keep their valley as attractive as it was 200 years ago…. 

In the words of Juan Crespi, ‘This whole country is extremely delightful. It is all Good Land.’” —Tompkins, Walker A., “Goleta: The Good Land” (1966), p.342.